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Vehicle and fleet wraps create high quality, high resolution car, truck and fleet wraps. With a wrap, you can maximize your advertising dollar by making it MOVE! Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective advertising method; a billboard never moves and is completely dependent for visibility on traffic flowing past it; with a moving vehicle wrap, you pay once to advertise and have visibility everywhere you go! The more you drive, the more exposure your business will receive.

The cost for a vehicle wrap depends primarily on the area we must design and wrap. We can easily remain within your advertising budget by designing and installing anything from simple door or body lettering to partial or full wraps. Wrapping your vehicle must be considered as an advertising investment in your business. By wrapping, you widen the area of impact of your advertising dollar. Vehicle wraps allow your company to advertise safely, reliably and effectively.

LiquidGrafix also designs and installs reflective decals and graphics for police, fire and ambulance vehicles.