What materials do you use to make signs and graphics?

We use over 50 types of materials. Our years of experience helps us to choose the best and most cost effective material for your needs. Tell us about your project and we’ll show you some samples of the materials we would recommend. And we love the challenge of one-of-a-kind projects! How long do your signs and graphics last for?
We guarantee many of our outdoor applications for 5 years. They will often last much longer than that, depending on how much direct sun they get or what other punishing conditions they are exposed to. Some indoor signs and graphics are intended for long term use, and some for short term use. We’ll ask you where you’ll be putting your sign and how long you want to use it for and then we’ll suggest the most cost effective materials for you to choose from.

Are the products GREEN?

For indoor use, there are a lot of recyclable and sometimes biodegradable options including a paper stock used for gorgeous posters, a locally-made 1/2″ thick cardboard, and a recyclable foamboard. Non-PVC fabric banners are especially popular. We also carry eco-friendly printable wallpaper and print many of our signs with environmentally friendly UV-cured inks. We have also made special arrangements to re-use and recycle scraps from vinyl banners, PVC and corrugated plastic, so less goes to the landfill.

Can you design my sign for me?

Absolutely! We have talented graphic artists on staff to layout your sign. We always show you a color proof, and when necessary, a full size color strip before producing a job. That way, we make sure to get you exactly what you’re wanting.

How long does it take for you to make me a sign?

It depends on what kind of sign it is, the size and the quantity. Most graphics and signs can be completed easily in a week. Some jobs require a longer lead time. And we’ve completed more than our share of signs the same day when our clients have needed it. Let us know what you need!

How do I actually place my order?

On your first contact with our helpful sales staff, we’ll ask you about the purpose of your sign, where it will be used, how far away you need it to be visible from, how long you want it to last, what artwork you want on it, and how it will need to be installed. We make sure to share our expertise so you get signs and graphics that really work for you. From there, we’ll give you a quote, often right away, on the most cost effective way to accomplish your goals. Once you place your order, you’ll receive a proof (and sometimes a color strip) showing exactly how your sign will look and all the specifications listed for you to double check, approve and return to us. Once we have your approval, we produce your sign and either deliver, install or have it ready for pick up by the date and time it was promised.

What kind of files can you take?

Art files from the major graphics programs usually work well. Larger size graphics and signs require higher resolution files in order to look as good as possible. Call our graphic artists with any specific questions you may have.

How closely can you match the colors of my logo?

Most colors can be matched very well. When color matching is a concern we will choose the colors from a color chart made on the printer that will be used to create your graphics, then before we print your job we can make a color strip from part of your art file so you can see exactly what your color will look like and make adjustments if necessary before the job is produced. Our graphics staff are specially trained in color calibration and we are committed to excellence in the color arena, so rest assured, you’re in good hands.